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Skyland is all about empowering musicians and songwriters to develop their craft and produce the best possible end product. Schedule a Q & A with owner operator, Darren Rust and discover what's possible for your music endeavors.

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Chris Rupp

Chris Rupp was introduced to Darren and Skyland Productions during his early years with Home Free, almost a decade before the group won the Sing-Off on NBC.  Chris and Darren worked closely on many Home Free records including post Sing-Off release, "Crazy Life" as well as their follow ups, "Country Evolution", and their Christmas release, "Full of Cheer".  For years, Chris had aspirations to pursue new genres of music, and in 2016 he left Home Free to pursue a solo career, and soon recorded, "Shine" with Darren as well as his own Christmas album, "A Little Bit of Christmas".  Darren and Chris continue to work closely on his many projects which include his solo recordings and his recordings with the 4-part vocal group, 7th Avenue.