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Go Fish


Go Fish has had a long creative recording history with Darren Rust and Skyland Studios.  Dating back to 2001, Darren began mixing the group's Christian a-cappella releases, starting with their first Christmas album, "More Than a Story", and then going back to an earlier release, "Part of the Proof" and remixing it to update their sound.  Soon after, the group got signed to InPop Records, an indie Christian label, and Darren produced the groups first number 1 song from that record, "Savior".  Despite the success of the single, the record did not sell as well as the group had hoped, and the group left InPop records to pursue a Christian Kids record project entitled, "Splash".  With the groups natural wit, fun-loving personalities, and colorful lyrics, it was a perfect match, and a new direction was established for Go Fish.  It was all about making kids music that rocked, and had a Christian message.  Soon after the success of "Splash", Darren and Go Fish produced many more kid-themed records including, "Superstar", "Snooze", "Snazzy", "Party Like a Preschooler", Kickin' it Old School", "Christmas With a Capital C", "Praise", and "Kids Music"!  During that time as the groups producer, Darren also took on some co-writing duties with Jamie Statema, the groups band leader.  The group has now taken its large music catalog and incorporated it into a very successful Vacation Bible School curriculum under the corporate entity, Go Fish Resources.