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Naturally 7

Naturally 7's band leader and head arranger Roger Thomas connected with Darren Rust back in 1999, during the recording of their debut release, "Non-fiction" to find a mix engineer for their project.  Roger recalled doing research and found that Darren's work on "NOG", The Blenders first Christmas release, had just the right blend of vocal smoothness that he was looking for.  Fast forward 15+ years, and 8 albums later, that artistic relationship still shines today!  Combining Jazz, Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, Folk, and Pop, Naturally Seven serves up a heaping helping of a-cappella goodness on every record with ground-breaking sounds that have been inspiring a-cappella up and comers for years!  Darren has been instrumental in developing their powerful, soulful, and unique vocal sound!  Check out some examples of mixes that date back to the beginning of Naturally Seven's recording career!